May 29

Squat to Overhead Press

Part of an effective workout plans for women is focusing on losing weight. However, too much emphasis on weight loss may be counter productive.

A more effective approach to overall fitness is including other components of fitness like strength training.

Squat to overheard press engages your glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, back, shoulders and triceps.

Begin with shoulder width wide stance holding a pair of dumbbells are right for you. The right dumbbells allow you to do at least 8 reps but no more than 15 safely. If you cannot do even 8 reps, the dumbbells are too heavy and if you can do more than 15, you are wasting your time.

Curl the dumbbells to shoulder height, squat down and as you stand up, press the dumbbells over head in one smooth continuous action.

Lower the dumbbells to shoulder level and squat. Again in one continuous motion.

Repeat for three sets.


Nov 21

Two Stability Ball Exercises For Weight Loss

Weight loss exercises should help you burn calories during your workouts and build muscle mass to burn calories after you are done.

Below are two stability ball exercises for weight loss.

Squats and push-ups are the dynamic duo for strength and fat loss.

By performing squats and push-ups alternatively you increase the metabolic value of each. You feel this increased demand on your metabolism as heart begins pumping faster and you begin breathing harder to supply oxygen to your  muscles and burn unwanted sugars out of your bloodstream before they turn into fat.

Adding a stability ball to the mix increases your core engagement which makes a combination even more effective.

weight loss exercise squats

Always begin with warming up as a matter how innocent exercise may look. Exercise ball wall squat engages the muscles around your knee. You need to warm up your knee first.

If you experience any pain, stop and have it checked by professional. To begin, try eight repetitions before you move to push-ups using the exercise ball.

stability balll declined pushup

Your position you seen exercise ball may strain your wrists. You need to warm up your wrists and your hands prior to doing push-ups. Some people do not have the required wrist range of motion of this exercise. If you feel pain and discomfort, stop.

Again try for eight repetitions before you return to the squats.

weight loss exercise pushup

Repeat the cycle of going from squat to push-ups three times and see how it feels. How it feels usually shows up the next day. You don’t want to do so many repetitions to get so sore that you need time ot recover.

If the next day, you found out that eight repetitions were to few, for your next session  do 10 or 12. Build the strength to perform three sets of 20 squats and three sets of 12  push-ups.