Weight Loss Exercises

Weight Loss Exercises

Weight Loss Exercises – Burning Fat Calorie Fast

There are as many weight loss exercise programs as there are people. With a little planning, you can find which is most suitable for you. Some basic, undeniable and unforgiving principles could help you get started on the right track.

One these principles is the definition of work in relation to gravity and burning calories. In physics, work is defined as displacement of force over a distance.

In terms of exercises, this means moving a mass that could be your body or weights. The more weight your move over longer distances, the more work you perform and the more calories your burn.

There is no way around this. Exercises to lose weight fast are those that move a lot of weight around. For example in a full squat, you move your entire body all the way to the floor and back. That burns a lot of calories.

Jump on the box after a squat and now you are moving your entire weight all the way to the floor and then all the way to the top of the box.

The jump brings you to the next principle which is using common sense. If you are carrying extra weight, chances are that it is difficult for you to do a full squat and to jump on a box could be dangerous.

So what do you do?

You begin with quarter squats, then half squats, then full squats, then add a tiny jump and so on which brings us to the third unforgiving principle.

Your body requires time to adapt, and if you push it, it will break.

The simple solution is to combine exercises that move as much weight as you can with safety.

In the example above, if you can do half squats, do them. Then add another full body weight like a push up.

Incorporate compound exercise like over kettlebell swings or overhead presses.

Avoid the trap of doing crunches that move your body a little or biceps that engage small muscles.

Always keep the definition of work in choosing the best exercise for weight loss. These are the exercises the move the most weight the longest distance. When choosing weight loss exercise programs make sure that they provide a safe, synergistic and progressive combination of these exercises.